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Joskin Hydrocleaner

13 February, 2018

JOSKIN completes its range of hydrocleaners with 4 new models suited to conventional uses. They can efficiently empty septic tanks, even the least accessible ones, by means of an industrial vacuum pump. The high-pressure pump unblock and clean drains and hoses. The galvanized tank is split in two parts: a water tank (1,500 l or 2,000 l) and a sludge storage capacity of 6,900 l, 8,500 l or 12,000 l.

This hydrocleaner includes:
The suction capacity is high thanks to a P.T.O.-shaft driven DL 150 lobe pump (15,000 l air/min), which can work
continuously during a long time.
A high-pressure pump
With a power of 70 l/min at 120 bar (90 l/min at 120 bar as an option), this piston pump is hydraulically driven from
the tractor. It delivers the required flow to inject water.
All equipment including:
• 4 x 3 m of Ø 100 mm hose with quick coupling,
• a water-hose nozzle with 10 m hose,
• a manual reel (hydraulic version as an option) with 50 m of 1/2"
hose with spraying head,
• a Ø 850 mm manhole.
Many options are available, such as a free or self steering axle, air brakes, a warning sound for the high pressure
water level, a tool box, etc.